New Blended Learning High School Opening in Michigan

Many educational professionals tell us that the best way to incorporate blended learning into our children’s education is not on the level of an individual lesson or classroom, but instead, an entire school or school d

istrict. However, for many parents and teachers, wrapping our brains around how to make that happen is difficult. What would a blended learning school look like? Currently, educators in Michigan are finding out.

Recently, Connections Education announced the opening of a new blended learning public school in the Lansing, Michigan area, called Nexus Academy, according to this recent news story:

New Blended Learning High School to Open in Okemos

According to the article, the school is intended to help prepare students for college in an alternative learning environment, as well as get them “out into the workforce with the kinds of skills we need for the 21st century.” All we can say is, good job, Michigan!

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